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TX TKL Classic (In-stock)

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Color: Pink
Layout: WK

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  • This keyboard kit requires assembling before use. This is not a ready-to-use product. Switches and stabilizers are not including in this kit.
  • Acceptable defects: up to 2 dots or paint clumps minimum 1mm, marks/cracks/scratches inside screw holes or on the side of the kit that is not exposed to the user
  • Due to the nature of the PVC plate, the surface of the plate may feel rough to the touch.
  • Plate compatibility: TX84, TX87 (v1, v2, BT), EO87 plate
  • Compatible with 1.6T stabs.
  • Images are actual product images.
  • All sales are finals as always. Please visit our Shipping policy and Refund policy before purchasing.


  • Layout: WK (87%) and WKL (84%)
  • Sandwich mount
  • Material: Aluminum with Electrophoresis coating (E-coat)
  • Ships in TX Medium Gray Keyboard Case


  • Top and bottom piece
  • PCB: Solder, Suo TKL Type C (1.6T)
  • Cable: USB-C
  • Plate: PVC 5T (CNC processing)
  • Sound absorber: 1x 2.5T plate foam, 2x 3.5T for spacebar
  • Bump-ons and spare screws
  • Microfiber cloth