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GMK Apollo Update

Hi all,

The payment for GMK Apollo has been sent and will probably be confirmed by GMK on June 1st or 2nd.

The payment for RAMA caps and deskmats were made 3 weeks ago. Production started on May 15th and we are on track to receive them end of July.

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TX Keyboards - June 27, 2020


1/ Yes, we will have extras for all the kits.
2/ Cost will usually be marked up by roughly 30%-35%.
3/ Extras will be posted roughly a week after all GB orders shipped.

David Letier - June 27, 2020

Pre sale or Extras Question!

Love the GMK Apollo set, missed the group buy sadly. It is available on Daily Clack as a pre-sale currently (at quite the premium) As a US resident I would love the opportunity to purchase the set here. I was hoping you could answer a few quick questions:

1. Will you be getting extras of this set? (The Apollo discord indicated some vendors might get extras)
2. Any idea of a rough estimate of the cost?
3. Will it be shipped with the group buy order or afterwards?

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