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GMK Coral Update

Hello GB participants,

We know you are all waiting for the delivery of GMK Coral. We hate to be the bear of the bad news but we will definitely not be able to meet the expected May shipping time. Please note that we have been working very closely with GMK on the status of GMK Coral. We have sent them emails twice to three times a month to stay on top of it. The most current update we got from GMK is they are still experiencing issues with their plastic supplier. Thus, Hoodrow (GMK Coral designer) will have to wait for a bit more to get his 2nd color matching caps. GMK cannot commit to a date at the moment so we hope you can all be patient with us.

Regarding extras, we will carry extras for all kits so please stay tuned!

In the meantime, you can cop the Coral deskmat HERE.

Questions? Address change? Please email with GMK Coral as the subject.

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