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ORI CLS-3//60 (Group Buy)

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$425.00 - $1,009.00
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Kit: Heritage Edition
PCB: Solder

Delivery time

Q3 2024


GB is live on 1/15 to 1/28


***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please DON'T COMBINE in-stock items or other separated on-going GBs with this order.We will remove the items from your order and charge a cancellation fee, 5% US and 8% international of the total amount.***


This is a Group Buy. Please read our REFUND POLICY before making a purchase. No cancellations/refunds are allowed after the GB is closed. No exceptions.

Group Buy can be delayed due to manufacturing errors or unforeseeable events.

Status will be updated regularly on GB Status page.

Renders are for illustration purpose only. Final products may show differences. Keyboards are not included with the purchase of keycaps.


Assembly Instructions: TBD

PCB Guidance: TBD

Prototype is being used for color combination testing. The final product will follow the renders and the explosive view. For Heritage edition, the cloud will be anodized red as rendered and not brass as shown on the proto picture.


Check out Lulzthax's stream.

Quality Disclaimer

There will be hook marks inside the parts after going through the anodize process, I accept no more than 3 dot in 1 area. Each dot should not exceed 2.5mm. Hook marks are only allowed to appear in invisible areas after the build (plate and switch installation)
There may be minor machining/tooling marks on internal faces.
The anodizing process will cause the color variation of the top part and bottom part to not 100% match under special lighting conditions. However, I would still accept a very slight difference, especially as the design of the CLS-3 is that the top part will snap over the rest.
The part is made of brass and sandblasted surface treatment, will have a uniform yellow color, the gain of the surface is relatively consistent. No scratches, dents, and stains.

The stainless steel components of our product may have slight imperfections due to the manufacturing process. These imperfections may include small scratches or marks on the surface of the steel. However, any scratches or marks longer than 3mm or 3 spots that can be easily seen will be considered as defects, and will affect the functionality of the product. Additionally, variations in the finish of the steel may be visible under certain lighting conditions. We strive to provide high-quality products, but please note that due to the nature of stainless steel and the manufacturing process, these slight imperfections may occur. Please consider this before making a purchase.


Please note that the parts are numbered accordingly.


The Heritage Edition is a version that embodies the most refined elements that have brought us to this joyous moment. A silver-red color scheme full of inspiration, paired with a brass weight, delivers excellent weight and sound when typing.

  1. Silver aluminum top
  2. Red aluminum bottom
  3. Brass/ Nature coating internal weight
  4. Stainless Steel mirror polished Ori tag
  5. Silver aluminum weight base
  6. Red aluminum external cloud badge
  7. Stainless steel mirror polished sun badge
  8. Red aluminum Ori logo
Black Badge Edition

The Black Badge is a special edition, pushing the extremes of aesthetic taste to a new level. Black color from black anodized aluminum complements the black color from mirror-polished steel. A simple yet extreme combination

  1. Black aluminum top
  2. Dark Gray aluminum bottom
  3. Black stainless steel mirror polished internal weight
  4. Stainless steel mirror polished Ori tag
  5. Black stainless steel weight base
  6. Black aluminum external cloud badge
  7. Black stainless steel mirror polished sun badge
  8. Red aluminum Ori logo
Dune Edition

The Dune Edition redefines the balance of colors. Golden brown hues in anodized aluminum paired with silver tones from steel. A color palette inspired by nature, timeless. A combination that, when seen with the naked eye, steals a few breaths away.

  1. Gold brown aluminum top
  2. Silver aluminum bottom
  3. Stainless steel sandblasted internal weight
  4. Stainless steel mirror polished Ori tag
  5. Stainless steel mirror polished weight base
  6. Gold brown aluminum external cloud badge
  7. Stainless steel mirror polished sun badge
  8. Red aluminum Ori logo
Founder's Edition

Limited 20/20
The Founder Edition is a tribute version, but it doesn't forget its mission. A limited edition, crafted with all that the resources of Ori-club can achieve and represent. Color, grip sensation, everything will be the culmination of the journey searched by discerning eyes. The Founder Edition will satisfy you for many years to come.

  1. Dark sandstorm aluminum top
  2. Rustic gray aluminum bottom
  3. Stainless steel mirror polished internal weight
  4. Stainless steel mirror polished Ori tag
  5. Stainless steel mirror polished weight base
  6. Rustic gray aluminum external cloud badge
  7. Stainless steel mirror polished sun badge
  8. Red aluminum Ori logo


  • BUILD: 8 assembly parts
  • TYPING ANGLE: 6 degree
  • CASE MATERIAL: Aluminum 6063
  • PLATE MATERIAL: Aluminum 6063
  • MOUNTING METHOD: Isolated gasket mount
  • DIMENSIONS: 296mm x 110mm x 30mm/17.5mm front height
  • WEIGHT: 1.5kg fully built
  • PCB DESIGNER: Mechlovin PCB


  • Top and bottom housing
  • Aluminum plate (matching top)
  • O-ring Nitrile 50A - cream colour
  • PCB solder or hotswap
  • Feet

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