1. Do I have to create an account to shop?
- No. However, we recommend you do because you can save your address and keep track of your orders.

2. Is Untracked shipping insured?
- No. We do not hold any responsbilities if the envelope is lost in trasit. If you choose Tracked shipping, we can submit a lost package complaint to USPS and we can either refund or ship you a new package (free of charge).

3. What is a Group Buy?
- Please READ HERE.

4. Screws facts (all M3):
Bottom screws:

  • TX-87v1/v2, TX-CPv1/v2: 16mm
  • TX-84/87se: 12mm
Plate screws: 5mm
Weight screws: 5-6mm
  • Kin25 does not release plate files for ANY of his boards. If that ever changes, you will see the download link on this page.