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GMK Re-Forged (Group Buy)

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$20.00 - $134.99
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June/July 2023


All samples approved. Queuing for production.


***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please DON'T COMBINE in-stock items or other separated on-going GBs with this order.We will remove the items from your order and charge a cancellation fee, 5% US and 8% international of the total amount.***


This is a Group Buy. Please read our REFUND POLICY before making a purchase. No cancellations/refunds are allowed after the GB is closed. No exceptions.

Group Buy can be delayed due to manufacturing errors or unforeseeable events.

Status will be updated regularly on GB Status page.

Renders are for illustration purpose only. Final products may show differences. Keyboards are not included with the purchase of keycaps.



  • START: SEPT 29TH, 2021 @ 12PM PST
  • END: OCT 29TH, 2021 @ 11:00PM PST


  • dailyclack


  • Keyset: 56 weeks after full payment to GMK - est. Q1 2023
  • Deskmats: 12-16 weeks after full payment to manufacture

A collaborative work from driftingbunnies and fatboycarney

1a : to form (something, such as metal) by heating and hammering

Tracing back almost 9000 years, forging has played a large part in shaping the world we live in today. The art of forging was predominantly used in early human history to create weapons and tools using small fires. Later, charcoal forges were used to create bronze and iron which contributed to the production of weapons during the Dark Ages. As the technology improved, so did the tools and weapons that were created. Currently, forging is predominantly used to produce decorative objects from precious metals. The forge itself is a type of hearth used for heating metals. The heated metal comes out of the forge with a nice orange glow.

The dark gray blue mods provide a foundation for the orange to shine as the fire from the forge. Using the Forge theme, there will be five kits. The Anvil kit (Base), Forgemaster's kit (Novelties), and Molten White Alphas. The idea is to have a full (and heavy) base kit so that it will cover most common layouts (min ISO support included). The accent legend has been changed to burnt orange to reduce the contrast with the other keys, but regular mods will be included for those who don't like the accents. The novelties consist of a mixture of forging tools and the fictional side of blacksmithing as we see on TV, movies, and/or games. Depending on whether GMK can mold the small details, the novelties might change a bit to accommodate.