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Group Buy Status

Last updated: 05/24/23 (this page is updated AT LEAST once a week)

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Group-Buy Name: Status. (Estimate Time of Arrival)

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Group Buy Policy



RS60: Fulfillment finished. Some extras available now. (Dec 2022)

Cable Car Design

Phoenix TKL: Fulfillment finished. Some extras available now. (Mar 2023)


MONOKEI x Hand Engineering - Kage: Fulfillment finished. Extras are available now. (Feb 2023)

MONOKEI x SingaKBD - Neko: Completed. (Nov 2022)

  • Deskmats: Fulfillment finished. Extras available now. (Feb 2022)  

MONOKEI x TGR - Tomo 75%Extras available now. (Aug 2022)

MONOKEI Standard: In-stock. (Jan 2023)

Kaze: Fulfillment in progress. (Jan 2023)

    Purple Keyboard: Fulfillment finished. (Jan 2023)


    Chapter 1 Exploded 65%: Production finished. Delayed due to PCB.

    • Deskmat: Awaiting shipment! (Jun 2023)


      • At the beginning of 2022, China experienced the worst COVID crisis since 2020 resulting widespread lockdowns across the country.
      • Since Feb 2022, the factories that manufacturing ePBT and KAT keycaps have been operating under extremely limited restrictions.
      • With fewer work days and fewer workers, we are expecting delay across production and quality control. No ETA for ePBT and KAT sets were provided at this point.

      ePBT 3000SAT: Fulfillment in progress. (2023)

      ePBT BoW Hangul: Extras available now. (Jan 2023)

      • Deskmat: Shipment arrived. Fulfilled orders with mat only. (May 2022)
      • Keicaps: Shipment arrived. Fulfilling artisan-only orders. (Oct 2022)

      ePBT x GOK Kuro/Shiro R3: Extras available now(Oct 2022)

      ePBT Sniper: Fulfillment finished(2023)

      • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled (Sep 2021)
      • RAMA: Fulfilled standalone orders. Extras available now. (Q2 2022)

      ePBT Rin: R4 samples approved. The full sample kit will be sent to the designer for final approval before production. (Q3 2023)

      • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled (Aug 2022)
      • Keicaps: Shipment pending. (Nov 2022)
      • Asero: Invoice paid. (Q1 2023)

      ePBT Superstar: Color-matching completed. Full sample kit approved. In queue for production. (Q3 2023)

      • HIBI: Shipment arrived. Fulfilled orders with HIBI artisans only. (Q1 2023)
      • Deskmat: Shipment arrived. Fulfilled mat-only orders. (Jul 2022)

      ePBT Yukihana: Sample kit approved. In production. (Q2 2023)

      • HIBI: Shipment arrived. Fulfilled orders with artisans only. (Q4 2022)

      GMK Baltic: Limited extras available now.

      GMK Chaos Theory: Color matching in progress. R1 rejected. Some R2 samples rejected and still awaiting feedback. Official renders are approved. Banderoles sent. (Q4 2023)

      • Deskmats: Fulfilled deskmat-only orders. (Sept 2022)
      • HIBI: Shipment arrived. Fulfilled artisans-only orders. (Jul 2022)
      • Keylabs: Shipping to us. (Q1 2023)

      GMK Classic Arabic: Fulfillment in progress. (May/June 2023)

      • Deskmat: Shipments arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Jul 2022)
      • Salvun: Shipment arrived. (Q1 2023)

      GMK Cojiro: Limited extras available now.

          GMK Coral R2: GB ended. Invoice paid. (Nov 2023)

          GMK Evil Eye: GB ended. 40s and Latin Alphas did not meet MOQ and therefore won't be moving forward. Invoice paid. (Jul 2023)

          • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Jul 2022)
          • HIBI: Shipment arrived. Fulfilled HIBI-only orders. (Sep 2022)

          GMK Gregory: Completed. (Jul 2022)

          GMK Harvest: Shipping to us. (Jun 2023)

          • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Jul 2022)
          • RAMA: Invoice paid.
          • Asero: Delivered. Fulfillment in progress.

          GMK Hazakura: Fulfillment finished. (Apr 2023)

          • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. Extras are In-stock. (Oct 2021)
          • RAMA: M6-Cs and artisan orders are fulfilled. (Jan 2023)

          GMK JIS: In production. (Early June shipping to us per GMK)

          • KeyBee: Fulfilled artisans-only orders. (Nov 2022)

          GMK Kouhai: Extras available now(Feb 2023)

          • Deskmats: Shipments arrived. Fulfilled mats-only orders. (Q2 2022)
          • RAMA: Shipment arrived. RAMA-only order fulfilled. (Q2 2022)

          GMK Maestro: Extras available now(Sep 2022)

          GMK Modern Japanese Desko: Extras available now. (Dec 2022)

          • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Sep 2021)

          GMK Monarch: Extras available now. (Feb 2023)

          GMK Oni: Very limited extras are available now. (Sep 2022)

          GMK Pâtisserie: Extras available now. (Nov 2022)

          • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Oct 2021)

          GMK Re-Forged: Queuing for production(June 2023)

          • Deskmats: Shipment arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Jul 2022)
          • Salvun: Queuing for production. (Q3 2022)

          GMK Sixes: Extras available now. (Dec 2022)

          GMK Stargaze: Fulfillment in progress. (Apr 2023)

          • Deskmats: Shipments arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Jan 2022)
          • RAMA: Invoice paid. (Delayed)
          • THOK: Shipment arrived. Fulfilled orders with THOK only. (Feb 2022)

          GMK TeraDrive: Queuing for production. (Jul 2023)

          • Deskmat: Shipments arrived. Fulfilled mat-only orders. (Jul 2022)

          GMK Watermelon: Extras available now.

            GMK WoB Shinethrough: Completed.

            GMK Zimo: Invoice paid. Official renders approved. Queuing for production. (Oct 2023)

            • Deskmats: Shipments arrived. Mat-only orders are fulfilled. (Oct 2022)
            • Monokei Keicap: Invoice paid. Shipment pending. (Q1 2023)
            • HIBI: Shipment arrived. Fulfillment finished. (Dec 2022)

            KAT Comet: Shipping to us! (Q3 2023)

            KAT Iron: Extras available now.

              KAT Monochrome: Extras available now. (Q1 2023)

              • Deskmats: Fulfilled. (Feb 2021)
              • Salvun: Fulfilled. (Dec 2021)

              KAT Refined: Extras available now. (Aug 2022)


              Busy Town Deskmat R2: In production. (Q3 2023)

              Hubble Bubble Deskmat: Fulfillment finished. (Q1 2023)


              MONOKEI x CYSM: All pre-orders are fulfilled. Extras available now. (Jan 2022)

              MONOKEI x SingaKBD Keicaps: Fulfillment completed. Extras available now. (Apr 2022)


              All pre-orders are fulfilled. Extras may or may not still be In-stock.

              TX: EO-87, TX-60/65PC, TX-60/65/66/660C.

              Perry: Red 65%

              MONOKEI x Friends: Hidari, Tomo, Neko


              Geekark: Triangle

              GMK: Apollo, Baltic, Bleached, Black Modi, Classic Red, Coral R1, Cojiro, Demon Sword, Gregory, Lux, Maestro, Oni, Red Devils, Rouge, Taegeukgi, Watermelon, WoB Shinethrough, Kouhai, Monarch, Japanese Desko, Sixes, Patisserie. 

              JTK: Azure

              KAT: KAT Iron

              SA: Biso


              3ildmat, Access, ALPS, Anti Deskmat Deskmat Club, BIXBY & N.MALEE, Blue Skies, Busy Town R1, Carrot, Celestial, Christmas Tea, カスタム (Custom), CYPERPNK, Deep, Desert, Doggo Sushi, Foliage, Heno Confetti, Kat4, Keeb Pixel, Monokei x dogethink, Moss, Mt. Fuji, Neko-Tomo, Senkai, To The Moon, Waves.


              Gateron Inks: Baltic, Durock: Linear Moss (62g & 67g), Singularity.


              MONOKEI Kaban Case, TX Stabilizers (Rev. 3)