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GMK Hazakura (Group Buy)

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Original price $27.00 - Original price $341.00
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$27.00 - $341.00
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Estimated Q4 2022


1/2 Custom Colors Matched

Any orders of base kit(s) placed by 7PM PT May 2nd will include a special holo card (check out the video!).

Discounts for Base kits combination order as well as Base kit + Novelties order will run until 7AM PT May 2nd.

***IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please DON'T COMBINE in-stock items or other separated on-going GBs with this order. We will remove the items from your order and charge a cancellation fee, 3% US and 4.5% international of the total amount.***

ETA to proxies:

  • Keyset: 42 weeks after full payment to GMK - Q4 2022.
  • Artisans: 3-5 months after payment to RAMA
  • M6-C: 5-7 months after payment to RAMA
  • Deskmat: 2-3 months after payment to deskmat manufacturer


This is a Group Buy. Please read our REFUND POLICY before making a purchase. No cancellations/refunds are allowed after the GB is closed. No exceptions.

Group Buy can be delayed due to manufacturing errors or unforeseeable events.

Status will be updated regularly on GB Status page.

Renders are for illustration purpose only. Final products may show differences. Keyboards are not included with the purchase of keycaps.

If you order keycaps/artisans/deskmats in one order, your order will be shipped when all items are available.


Brought to you by BapoDonu, the designer of GMK ONI!


Q: How do the keycaps have 3 colors?
A: Sub legends and novelties use UV printing to achieve the third color.

Q: How durable is UV printing?
A: Depends on your hands and usage of the set, UV is pretty durable you will shine your set quite a bit first before any wear occurs.

Q: What are the colors used?
A: Pantone PQ 182C   PQ 183C   PQ 2346C   WS1

Q: Will the ano for the RAMA collab match the keyset?
A: Yes I will be sending the pantone chips to RAMA to match.

Q: What is this promo card?
A: It's a Holographic card featuring an OC with Pepper and GMK Hazakura, it will have different rarities and effects , will come with any base kit purchase from any proxy during day 1 of the promotion.



  • GB starts: Apr 30th 2021 at 7:00 PM PT
  • GB ends:  May 31st 2021 at 11:00PM PT