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TX Keyboards US is now

Dear our valued customers,

TX Keyboards US came to me entirely by chance, first began when I started helping kin25, the owner of TX Keyboard, purchase gifts to his family, for reasons that were completely non-keyboard related. As our friendship grew and evolved into a partnership, he generously agreed to let me be a proxy for his keyboard group buys.

It started off in my bedroom, where for 2.5 years I was fulfilling orders by myself amongst stacks of unorganized inventory. From the bedroom we expanded to a garage, and now, finally, TX Keyboards US has become a full-blown daily operation with a warehouse and an office. In the early days, our store only had a few TX peripherals, followed by the occasional proxying of kin25’s keyboards and bags. Before we knew it, our catalog had built up to include everything you see in the store today.

With the tremendous amount of growth and possible further expansion into the keyboard space, and with kin25's blessing, we have decided it was time to retire the name TX Keyboards US and to create something of my own. Starting today, TX Keyboards US will be known as Mekibo (\mi-'kē-bō\). Up until this point, we will still be carrying TX products as we have always been.

This is just the rebirth of the store that you and I both love dearly. I cannot thank you enough, because we would not be where we are if it weren't for your trust, love, and support. Rest assured that your current unfulfilled GB order(s) with TX Keyboards US are still valid under Mekibo.

Over the course of a few weeks, besides being up and running, you will see us slowly transition on every platform. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at

Much love & appreciation,

Popkorn62 & Team