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Group Buy Status

Last updated: June 8th, 2024

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Group-Buy Name: Status. (Estimate Time of Arrival)

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Group Buy Policy



MONOKEI Kei V2: Shipment received! Email sent to customers. Awaiting DBs. (Pending)

MONOKEI Systems:

ORI Club

ORI CLS-3//88: R2 production nearly done. (Q3 2024)

ORI CLS-3//60: Production nearly done. (Q3 2024)


Ouroboros: Fulfillment finished. Extras are available now. (Feb 2024)


    Chapter 1 Exploded 65%: Fulfillment finished. Extras are available now. (Oct 2023)

    RME Studio

    Alas 60%: Fulfillment finished. Extras are available now. (Feb 2024)



    GMK Underworld: Fulfillment finished. Some extras left. (Mar 2024)

    GMK Dragon Witch: GB is live.


      Miami Dawn: Fulfillment completed. Extras available now. (Sep 2023)

      Miami Nights: Shipping to customers starting 6/11. (Q2 2024)

      Moon Rabbit: GB finished. On track for August delivery. (Q3 2024)


      Chinese Zodiac Deskmat: Fulfillment finished. Some extras available. (Q1 2024)

      Monokei x Jujutsu Kaisen Deskmats: Fulfillment finished. Extras available now. (Nov 2023)


      All pre-orders are fulfilled. Extras may or may not still be In-stock.

      TX: EO-87, TX-60/65PC, TX-60/65/66/660C

      Perry Works: Red 65%, Purple Keyboard

      MONOKEI x Friends: Hidari, Tomo, Neko, Kage, Standard, Jujutsu Kaisen Standard

      NRD: Kaze

      Cable Car Designs: Phoenix TKL

      Zekkin: RBB


      CPR Hammer: Fujin/Wind God

      ePBT: Kuro Shiro R3, BoW Hangul, 3000SAT, Sniper, Superstar, Rin, Yukihana

      Geekark: Triangle

      GMK: Apollo, Baltic, Bleached, Black Modi, Blot, Chaos Theory, Classic Red, Coral R1, Cojiro, Demon Sword, Gregory, Lux, Maestro, Oni, Red Devils, Rouge, Taegeukgi, Watermelon, WoB Shinethrough, Kouhai, Monarch, Japanese Desko, Sixes, Patisserie, Hazakura, Stargaze, Re-forged, JIS, Harvest, TeraDrive, Coral R2, Evil Eye, Gregory, Zimo, Handarbeige+

      JTK: Azure.

      KAT: KAT Iron, KAT Refined, KAT Monochrome, KAT Comet

      Keybobo: Miami Dawn

      Monokei: Jujutsu Kaisen Series 1

      SA: Biso


      3ildmat, Access, ALPS, Anti Deskmat Deskmat Club, BIXBY & N.MALEE, Blue Skies, Busy Town R1 & R2, Carrot, Celestial, Christmas Tea, カスタム (Custom), CYPERPNK, Deep, Desert, Doggo Sushi, Foliage, Heno Confetti, Kat4, Keeb Pixel, Monokei x dogethink, Moss, Mt. Fuji, Neko-Tomo, Senkai, To The Moon, Waves, Hubble Bubble.


      Gateron Inks: Baltic, Durock: Linear Moss (62g & 67g), Singularity.


      MONOKEI Kaban Case, TX Stabilizers (Rev. 3)