Mt. Fuji Deskmat (Group Buy)
Mt. Fuji Deskmat (Group Buy)

Mt. Fuji Deskmat (Group Buy)

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Please note that you cannot combine in-stock items or other separated on-going GBs with this order. We will remove the items from your order and charge a cancellation fee, 3% US and 4.5% international, of the total amount.

The first 30 buyers will have their order shipped on January 22nd. The rest is expected to ship in late March.


This is a Group Buy. Please read our REFUND POLICY before making a purchase. No cancellations/refunds are allowed after the GB is closed. No exceptions.

Group Buy can be delayed due to manufacturing errors or unforeseeable events.

Status will be updated regularly on GB Status page.

Renders are for illustration purpose only. Final products may show differences. Keyboards are not included with the purchase of keycaps.


  • 900x400x4mm
  • Print on stitch
  • Stitched edges


  • GB Starts: Dec. 29th @ 11:00AM PT
  • GB ends: Jan. 12th @ 11:00PM PT
  • ETA to proxies: 10-12 weeks after payment to manufacturer