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Switch Slider Picker V2

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  • A tool to hold and rotate the stem in place while prepping your switches
  • In-stock and ready to ship


  • Wooden body
  • Shorter length compared to V1 (was 150mm long)
  • Smoother grasp, no more clicking noise and easier to operate with one hand


  • Package dimension: 150mm x 20mm
  • Picker dimension: 138mm x 10mm
  • Also called stem holder

How to Use

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews

Well built works well. Used a good amount while lubing my own switches. These will be my goto switch holder moving forward.

Much needed improvements over v1

Anyone who's used the previous version of the tx stem holder or any lead holder styled stem holder has probably had to experience the awful clicking mentioned in the product description. The click/crunch is completely gone in this version and feels so much nicer to use.
Other lead holder styled stem holders I've tried in the past have some clunkiness from when you try to open the holder to grab onto a stem and even you finally want the holder to let go of the stem. The v2 has a very satisfying and smooth feel from the moment you press the cap all the way to the end of the press.
So far I've used this stem holder on 1k+ stems in the past 2 months of owning it and it still feels as good as the day I received it. Another issue with the previous version noticed by myself and others who owned it was how the stem holder would just break after a limited number of uses.
Highly recommend the product to anyone that may be hesitant from bad experiences with other lead holders.