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KAT Monochrome

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  • Keyset: 28 weeks after full payment to Keycreative
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* What white will this be?
WS2 - the exact same as I used for GMK Monochrome. I've asked for samples and you can check them in the "colors" section above.

* Why should I buy Monochrome and not another of the BoW/WoB sets?
As I said, I plan on using a WS2 white and use the darkest black available. I will use the updated modifiers icons I used for Hyperfuse and plan on supporting as many layouts/languages as possible. Also, there is a moustache novelty, what else do you need?

* I see you also offer WoB kits, why do it when there already is KAT WOB?
~~So, long story short, when designing the kits and discussing it with people, I got asked to offer a way to have a full WoB/BoW keyboard. Due to how KAT's MOQ works and the fact that I already had the kits "layout", this didn't take much time and I figured why not. I talked about this with OCM and he is 100% on board with me doing this, this is also why I have decided to only offer support for the standard layout, nothing in the lines of 40%, ergo, colvevrak, etc. If you guys want that, I will kindly redirect you to OCM's KAT WOB. I would not have done this without his approval and I thank him for accepting!~~
Forget what I said, given that OCM cancelled WoB, I went and made kits to offer full WoB and BoW compatibility. That means I have... 46 kits, aouch :s Hope you guys like it!

* Where can I get the icons you used?
Ping me, I'll send you the updated ones used for KAT HFO, Monochrome and Iron :)

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